Monday, October 21, 2013

4 ways to overcome the wrecking ball in your online business

4 Ways to Overcome the Wrecking Ball In Your Online Business

Article is in story form and describes four key concepts that will help you survive in your internet business during hard times. It explains the "internal" wrecking ball of self-destruction.

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There are four ways to overcome the wrecking ball in your online business but seem to elude the faint hearted. If allowed, it will destroy the very fiber of your being!

I was almost classified in this category. Do you remember the song, I just wish that I knew what I know now? I dont remember the artist, but I do remember the catchy tune. Knowing what I know now sure would have saved me a lot of heartache when I was younger.

When I was about ten I remember having a lemonade stand in the middle of fall. It was cold out then and my friends ribbed me so harshly that I almost gave up on my sales escapade. After I stayed outside for an hour or so with no sales money in my little cup, I began to believe what my friends were saying was true.

I guess my father saw my disappointment wrote all over my face through the window because he came out to keep me company. Now I dont know about anyone elses dad, but mine was like Superman in my eyes. Little did I know then pop taught me a few lessons that af


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