Sunday, October 20, 2013

4 tips to ensure a rewarding experience when hiring others

4 Tips To Ensure A Rewarding Experience When Hiring Others

Hiring an employee is a part of just about every company, big or small. Whether you are working out of your parent's basement or a multi-million dollar corporation, there are a few principles that EVERY boss should follow!

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Hiring an employee can be a big step for many small business owners. It means the end of doing EVERYTHING yourself and passing off some of the work!

In order to make the experience rewarding for both you and your employees there are a few things that every boss and leader should do

1) Reward people for a job well done. Its frustrating working for someone who enjoys all the financial rewards of the efforts put forth by the entire team, especially if they don't recognize what everyone has accomplished and contributed.

It doesn't take much to acknowledge the effort of your staff. It makes a HUGE difference in the working atmosphere when you take a few moments to acknowledge your team. People like to know that they've done a good job.

2) Always provide a balance between positive and negative comments. Your job as a leader is to recognize the talents of those around you and feed them with the motivation and positive energy to take YOUR


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