Sunday, October 20, 2013

4 tips about cats ringworm and your children

4 Tips About Cats Ringworm And Your Children

Did you know that your cats ringworm is not a real honest to goodness worm? That's right cat lovers. Your cat isn't infected with a worm, but a fungus. If you're into big names the medical term is dermatophytosis. Let's keep it simple and use ringworm throughout this article. This article will give you 4 tips about your felines ringworm.

1, Your Cats Ringworm And Your Children.

Ringworm is extremely contagious. Your cat can pass it on to your children, you and other animals. You or the kids can infect someone else or another pet. Not only can it be passed on to others, it can be spread to other parts of your body or the bodies of your child or pet.

It is impetrative that you have your animal treated as soon as possible. In addition, if your child or you, are infected you should consult with your family physician. In most cases if the fungus is treated properly you will start to see improvement within the first few days.

Within 7 to 10 days there should be


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